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from £2.47

Travel adaptor set suitable for use in the UK, US, AUS and EU. Supplied in polypropylene case.

from £2.79

The Bluetooth Key Finder is actually perfect for finding any of your belongings, not just keys.With multiply functions include key finder, parking site or location memory and shutter remote.It also has a feature where it will alert you if your phone becomes a distance from the unit, helping prevent lost bags, luggage and even children!All functions are accessed via a free downloadable app available on both Apple and Android app stores.Choice of 5 standard ColoursSupplied in card boxMinimum just 50pcs

from £7.18

Our Travel Adapter is the perfect travel companion for any jet setter.Complete with UK, EU, USA, AUS adapters and 2 USB charging ports.Supplied with a Black pouch as standard with the option for this to be branded.

from £8.75

USB travel adapter conforming to British Standards 1363 and supplied with adaptors for use in Australia, Europe, UK, USA and China.

from £8.84

World travel adaptor covering over 150 Countries. This also comes with a USB charger ideal for phones and MP3 players

from £10.55

Compatible with power supply connectors in over 150 countries worldwide. Now with an incredible 3500mAh output making charging and device connectivity quick and simple Incorporates an incredibly helpful double USB connector to ensure you can charge virtually any device with this product.

from £13.01

High quality USB travel adaptor conforming to British Standards 1363 and supplied with adaptors for use in Australia, Europe and the U.K., as well as having integrated pins for use in the U.S. and China. The adaptor is fitted with two USB ports, one using Auto-ID technology to automatically detect the current of the device it is charging. The other port has an ouput of 2.4A. Two devices can be charged at the same time. On the front side of the adaptor there is a light to indicate when the product is switched on. Product is ROHS & CE certified and supplied in bulk retail packaging.

from £13.25

Suitable for use in over 150 Countries. This beautiful adaptor comes with three standard USB Ports and an LED nightlight. Also available with 2 standard and one USB C Port.

from £39.48

Wireless, multi-function and multi-output travel adapter with 6, 700 mAh charging capacity integrated power bank. In an elegant white colour design, with a wide printing area. Wireless charging function, including dual, Type-C, 3, 000 mA input-output connection and 2 USB outputs of 2, 000 mA. LCD screen with charging status indicator and wall pugs for the USA, Europe, Asia, UK and Australia. Simultaneous working flow for all functions. Presented in an attractive, individual, design box.



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