Hatters Promotional Merchandise

About Us


Here at Hatters we are dedicated to brands, helping you achieve maximum standout and making you look good in front of your customers. Every piece of promotional merchandise is carefully chosen to complement your brand. We have bags of inspiration and ideas to ensure all your promotional merchandise has creativity and supports your campaigns. 


Let us get to know you and make sure that we get an in-depth understanding of your needs, so if you have a big idea, or are looking for some inspiration which you can’t find on our website, call the team at Hatters who can guide you and deliver outstanding merchandise to suit all your needs.

After listening to our clients, we have extended our range of sustainable products and made a pledge to work with as many British manufacturers where ever possible.


We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and professionalism, all delivered with outstanding customer service and reliable advice. So, if you’re looking for promotional merchandise and you want it to stand out from the crowd, get in touch, we’d love to help you! 


Jo Shippen,

Managing Director